2024 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Dear Customers and Partners, As the Chinese New Year approaches, we would like to inform [...]

Renhotec at 26th International Exhibition of Electronics 2024

Dear Customers and Partners, We warmly invite you to the 26th International Electronics Exhibition. It’s [...]

Meet at Christmas, Celebrate Birthdays Together

Jingle bell, jingle bellJingle bells…As the familiar music played, the 2023 Happy Christmas Fourth Quarter [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Energy Storage Systems

An energy storage system (ESS) is a device or a group of devices used to [...]

Winter Blessings: Christmas Spreads Love to Every Corner

Dear Friends. In this Christmas season full of warmth and joy, we offer you our [...]

Exploring MSD Connectors: Versatility Unleashed

What is the MSD connector? The full English name of MSD: Manual Service Disconnect; the [...]

Renhotec at Munich electronica South China 2023

Dear Customers and Partners, We are pleased to announce our company’s upcoming participation in the [...]

“Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival, Celebrate Birthdays Together” Theme Activity

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival and the Reunion Festival, is a [...]

What is the Shielded Cable?

Shield Cable Definition: A wire wrapped with a conductor outside the conductor is called a [...]

2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day Holiday Notice

Dear Valued Customers and Partners: As the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day approach, we [...]

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