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Renhotec is committed to providing you with first-class service and high-quality new energy electric vehicle in line with ISO standards. We believe that our company can create more value for our customers! Renhotec EV Connector look forward to your patronage.

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Feedback from Our Customers

We buy Renhotec Connectors for using them in the antennas we manufacture in Argentina.These products are of high quality. They comply international standards and the price is very Competitive. Also the sales person is attentive and we receive a prompt answer always.

Gabriela Pantaleo / Argentina

The cables worked great! Thank you for your craftsmanship.We tested now one cable and all works fine, it seems everything is fine here. Many thanks for your attention, very appreciated. Great product and great service!

Wolfgang Zeiml / Germany

Good communication, shipping according to schedule. Products complementary with specification+ free samples of cables. I’m happy with service and goods.

Mateusz Szymanski / Poland

Thank you for your Prompt & Excellent Service. The Connectors are quite good and well suited as per our equipments. I will to have the same service and products in our future endeavours.

Sam / India

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Always looking for professional and efficient electrical connection system solutions to provide customers and partners with high-quality new energy electric vehicle connectors at high-quality prices and services. Renhotec EV Connector look forward to your patronage.

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