Forklift Connector

The flat-type forklift battery connector housings are available in different colors. They have a mechanical key molded into the connector housing to prevent accidental mating of the 2 different colors.

Electric forklifts and other types of electric vehicles generally use these battery connectors. Such as material handling equipment, ground support vehicles, and golf carts.

To connect 2 connectors together, you only need to rotate one 180 degrees to the other. This type of contact provides a large conductive area. There is a sacrificial tip for interrupting high current circuits when connecting and disconnecting the connectors.

Built out of impact-resistant polycarbonate, these power connectors offer both high physical strength and superior dielectric properties. Each Connector’s construction is finalized by its Integral stainless steel springs that maintain constant pressure on the contact to ensure a consistent, low resistance connection.

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