HVIL Connector & Cable

Renhotec HVIL Connectors for EV applications feature up to 1500V voltage, up to 500A operating current, and a -40℃ to+125℃ operating temperature range.HVIL connectors provide a 2.8 to 14mm contact and IP67, IP6K9K sealing. The seres includes secondary locking and external or internal HVIL. Applications include electical vehicle (EV)batteries, inverters, junction boxes, and power distribution boxes.

Renhotec HVIL Cable, a specialized cable used in electric and hybrid vehicles, connects the high voltage battery to the powertrain. The cable is engineered to withstand harsh environments, resist vibration and shock, and meet safety standards for high voltage applications.

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  • Straight and right angle
  • Up to 1500V
  • Up to 500A operating current
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • Range 2.8mm to 14mm contact size
  • Touch Proof (IP2x)
  • lP67/IPK sealing
  • 2.5mm² x 150mm² wire gauge
  • Compatible with Amphenol and Tyco
  • lncludes secondary locking and HVIL Plastic and Metal material


  • Electical vehicle (EV)batteries
  • Inverters
  • Junction boxes
  • Power distribution boxes

HVIL Connector

16-200A Plastic Connector

Rated Current:

35-500A Metal Connector

Rated Current:

HVIL Cable Assembly

23-50A HVIL Cable

Wire Guage:

125-300A HVIL Cable

Wire Guage:

400-500A HVIL Cable

Wire Guage:

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